Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Jane Smiley on the 13 Ways

I just listened to WFMU's Speakeasy archive from last week, and you gotta check it out. Dorian Devins interviews Jane Smiley on her book, 13 WAYS OF LOOKING AT THE NOVEL, in which Smiley discusses her project of reading 100 novels. I think I need to do this. Hell, maybe I am doing this. Seems to have helped Smiley, and she and Dorian speak eloquently on the subject, on what the project did for Smiley's writing life, and on what the novel has done for our culture, for women in particular.

Here are links:

RealAudio archive version

MP3 Version

Dorian's archive

Dorian's blog

And Speakeasy is available for podcast too.


Blogger katrina said...

This looks intriguing. Thanks, Anne.

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