Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wearing Big Sweater but Forgot His Pants

Paging Doctor Evil! A shaved cat is a sight to behold. Check out Angus with his bare ass. His stripes are just starting to come in, and he's re-learning how to walk up stairs, attack his sister, and chase bugs! Doctor Not-Evil-at-All prescribed plenty of exercise.

One sobering thing: the shaving revealed some pretty bad burn scars. This is a bird's eye view--sorry the photo isn't clearer. Our little guy has had a rough life: burns, abscesses, a crushed hip, and a crusty eyeball! Sorry, Bud, wish we could have found you sooner.

Chow down! You're home now, crosseyed cat.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

It's Hard Out There for a Gimp

Poor baby! Angus, the feral cat we brought inside way back when, doesn't act like he's in pain, but his right hip is completely messed up inside. We had no idea how bad it was until we got this Xray taken. Who knows what happened to him out there--or when. It's a good thing my dear hubby noticed his slightly lopsided gait and tendency to bunny-hop up the stairs. He'll be getting orthopedic surgery on Thursday, at the vet clinic where said hubby works. We're all pulling for you, Angus! Pretty soon you'll REALLY be able to attack your sister.