Monday, September 05, 2005


Among the many news reports that sent me crying this week was the AP story of the little boy separated from his dog Snowball. My god, it pushed all my buttons. He was boarding a bus and an officer took the dog, and the kid cried until he vomited. Reminded me just how powerless children are in a disaster, how everything important to them must be pushed aside when their survival is paramount. How powerless children are in general. How I feel for that boy.

Best Friends reports now that Snowball may have been found at the Superdome by the SPCA. There were apparently rescuing dozens of dogs from inside the arena, including a pit bull mix and her 11 newborn puppies. I am heartened that people were allowed to bring their pets to the Superdome, probably encouraged many people to evacuate who would not have otherwise. Not that it was a safe place to go exactly, but still.


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How heart-wrenching.

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