Friday, February 10, 2006

More Audio Discoveries

You already know I am hooked on spoken word audio, so I may as well share. I haven't stopped reading, or listening, during my little blog hiatus, and found a few more good ones.

New York Public Library has audiobooks available for download now, free to any library card holder. You have to also download their reading console software, but that's not hard. Some of them allow you to burn CD's too. Now I'm listening to Sol Stein's STEIN ON WRITING. They have lots of books on pdf too, which I imagine would come in handy for students doing last minute research.

The Tattered Cover bookstore in Denver podcasts writer events on its website, Authors On Tour Live. Next week they'll be featuring Zadie Smith, and I'll be listening.

Barbara Demarco-Barrett does a great author interview, and podcasts from UC Irvine on her show, Writers on Writing. The focus is also on the business of writing, and we get to learn the story of how each author sold his/her book.


Blogger glowlita said...

i listened to "first thought, best thought" a few months back and it was goodness.

4:17 AM  

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