Thursday, March 30, 2006

What To Do With Twinkies When You Aren't Eating Them

I have a million notes to self in my email inbox, all titled "blog this!" or "Stuff!"

So I'm catching up.

Here are two incredibly cute young men performing science projects. You see? Science can be fun.

I miss my husband, who is at school performing science projects. But I get to hear the stories later, about the mouse who OD'd on ketamine, and how weird it was to perform gavage (sticking tube down esophagus) on same mouse before she went over the rainbow bridge. I gather calculating dosage for small creatures like mice is hard. Makes me very glad I don't own the three inch cat.

Meanwhile, the neighborhood mice have been leaving buildings to go hang in the sunshine, and meeting their ends at the hands of our feral cat crew. We have quite a collection of bodies outside.

So much death! I think I'll post some flower pics next.


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