Friday, April 28, 2006

More Stuff to Listen To

Check these out:

Kanipchen Fit has some songs available for download on Myspace. Gloria and Empee are pals of mine, and it's been fun to watch them grow into a real band! Nervy, political, funny, with one guitar doing a whole hell of a lot. "Stand back, stand back, people, let them do their jobs!" Gloria will be appearing at next week's PVC, that's Cheryl B's Poetry Vs. Comedy Series at Galapagos. May 4.

Larissa Shmailo has a new CD, THE NO-NET WORLD. You can listen to samples here, some with wonderful music. I'm glad to know she's still keeping it real; her work experience has given her a keen awareness of urban poverty and its causes, which is the subject of a lot of her work. Release party is tonight at Bowery Poetry, where Shmailo and friends will perform. More info on her blog.

And why is Alice Russell not yet a household word? I just love her voice. I don't know her, but I'll plug her anyway. What's happening in the UK makes American Idol look like even more of a joke. Listen here on Myspace.


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