Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Missed it by That Much

Thanks to Felicia Sullivan of Small Spiral Notebook for this link:

Entertaining blogger Summer Pierre is enjoying a fate we almost had, an infestation of criminally cute orange furry beings. Warning: these pictures might make you weep. I don't know about you, but I have a chemical reaction to cuteness like this.

Ah, if only. I'm pro-choice, but our little knocked-up Ava didn't get to make a choice exactly. We made it for her, and I have some regret. It's hard making choices for our four-footed friends. Heavy sigh. I haven't held a newborn kitten in years. If we didn't already have a cat surplus, it might have been worth letting nature take its course. Nature is not so bad.

The good news: Ava got her sutures removed and is healing well. She's dominant and aggressive. Likes cuddling with the dog, also likes attacking her new feline brother Angus, who is easily cornered and very submissive. She's active, playful, and demanding. Our little Feline American Princess. It's nice not being the only gal in the house. Even if I have to carry a water pistol.


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