Thursday, July 13, 2006

More Vicarious Living...This Time Misty Oregon

In case you're wondering what happens at the Tin House summer workshops, check out Stephanie Anagnoson's blog. She's getting some face time with online friends, experiencing the notorious Pacific Northwest "wet air," enjoying a very supportive (and non-Iowa-model) workshop with Jim Shepard, and falling behind on sleep, which I've heard is an issue at these summer things.

Sounds like Tin House is giving Bread Loaf a run for its money. Will it be the new envied summer destination? Is it already? I think I'll apply next year. Maybe I'll apply to all of them...improve my odds a little.

Meanwhile, I have my own summer destination looming. I'm off to art camp this Sunday at the Omega Institute, for a week of yoga, canoeing, meditation, garden-walking, and a generative class called Writing the Unthinkable, taught by the incomparable Lynda Barry. I hope it's what the doctor ordered. I have my loose leaf notebook ready.


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