Monday, July 17, 2006

My Granola-Eating Week So Far

Well, it's only Monday of my week-long stay at the Omega Institute, but I've learned stuff anyway. Like:

1. Baby rabbits are cute as hell.

2. So are baby fish, especially when they swim around your feet.

3. If you get up at 5 AM you see more of the above.

4. I have to try growing Echinacea (see picture). Such audacious blooms, sticking out their tongues as you walk by.

5. If everyone leaves their shoes at the door, there are NEVER any two pairs alike. At least I haven't seen any. Shoe diversity is good.

6. I'm not as inflexible as I thought, though I am still totally uncoordinated. Sometimes I can't tell my left leg from my right arm. I'm trying to roll with it.

7. Lynda Barry exceeds expectations. It's part stand-up, part writing class, all aimed at working with images. More on this later (maybe). Good so far.


Blogger Stephanie said...

That sounds very restful. :) I'm curious to hear more about the last item too.

5:06 PM  

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