Wednesday, December 17, 2008

If You Can't Afford Bread Loaf

If you can't afford Bread Loaf Writer's Conference (or like me, you simply can't get in), here's the good news--they are now podcasting. It's free. Who will you listen to first? I'm thinking James Longenbach, who taught me in a half hour lecture at last year's AWP how to love John Ashbery's line breaks. I'm off to begin downloading.

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Anonymous hughman said...

Dear Anne

Azha just told me to say "hullo" (again). Cool! I'd post a bunch of vaguely interesting stuff here but will wait 'til I "hear" back from you directly.

Would absolutely be honored to share my thoughts per your literary brilliance. Not writing much at all (more on that, later) and spend most of my free time reading non-fiction -- Richard Hofstadter and D. P. Moynihan as of late -- so whatever critique I may (or may not) provide will be seen in that light.

Much love and Respect,
Very Best to Big J. and the menagerie.
peace out

5:12 PM  

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