Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Two Gigs in Same Week? What Are the Odds?

After a long period of silence, I have two gigs in the same week! I'm feeling lucky.

Both in NYC, one poetry, one prose. Both are lineups I'm stoked to be in.


NYQuarterly series
Monday, May 18 2009, 6PM
Cornelia Street Cafe
29 Cornelia Street, NYC 10014
Cover $7 (includes one house drink)

Host: Ted Jonathan
Featuring: R.D. Coleman, Anne Elliott, Jason Tandon

Friends of and contributors to NYQuarterly celebrate one of America's finest poetry journals by reading from its pages.


Drunken! Careening! Writers!
Thursday May 21, 7PM
85 E. 4th St. NYC

Hostess: Kathleen Warnock
Featuring: Anne Elliott, Jessie Male, Felicia Sullivan


In 2005, Jessie Male's advanced knowledge of the frozen foods section earned her the title of assistant editor at the number two grocery trade magazine in the country. She has since been published in numerous food and dance publications and is currently working on two nonfiction collections. Jessie recently emigrated from Brooklyn to Manhattan to serve as a program coordinator at Columbia University. Her family is a constant source of support and material.

Felicia C. Sullivan is the author of The Sky Isn't Visible from Here, which has been featured in Vanity Fair, Elle, USA Today, Redbook, Newsday, and The Washington Post. In 2008, her memoir was optioned for film by Gigi Productions. Sullivan lives in New York where she is presently writing the screenplay adaptation of her memoir and working on her novel, Women and Children First. Visit her online at: http://www.feliciasullivan.com/.

Jason Tandon is the author of two collections of poetry, Give over the Heckler and Everyone Gets Hurt, winner of the St. Lawrence Book Award for a first book (Black Lawrence Press, 2008), and Wee Hour Martyrdom (Sunnyoutside Press, 2008). His poetry and reviews have appeared in many journals including Columbia Poetry Review, DIAGRAM, Fugue, Laurel Review, Madison Review, Notre Dame Review, Poetry International, Red Cedar Review, Poet Lore, and Quarterly West. He is currently a Lecturer in Writing at Boston University.

(I'll add info as it becomes available.)

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Blogger Mary Akers said...

How did last night's even go? Wish I could be in the audience on the 21st!!

9:34 AM  
Blogger Anne said...

Mary, thanks for asking! Last night was fun in a quiet way. The crowd was quite small, as is expected for a Monday 6PM event. I enjoyed meeting the NYQ crowd. Had a nice talk with the editor about the kind of submissions he gets (populous and often undercooked). Read some new poems and some old spoken word stuff. The other readers were great, and I feel like I did OK, I didn't rush it like usual. Spent time trying to make the words clear. My tendency is to chatter on the mic and I managed not to do that this time (so much).

Thursday promises to be rollicking, as it's one of those type of venues. I won't be drunk, but I might careen a bit. I'll try not to chatter. I think I'll read from my secret workplace memoir.

12:43 PM  
Blogger No Name Me said...

Congrats, Anne, on the gigs!! Wish I could have made one, and glad to hear you enjoyed the NYQ crowd...I think that would be fun; I love to hear what editors like and don't like (always informative).

Have a great time on Thursday! And thanks for the shout out. I owe you one.


11:40 AM  

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