Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Lair of a Serial Killer

Well, I've discovered a crime scene in the back yard. I decided not to upload any forensic photos, they are just too disgusting. So here is a mugshot of the prime suspect.

The other morning, I went to walk the dog, and discovered that Vince, our head Feral Colonist, had left a young bird gasping for breath near the front stoop. King Vince sat proudly beside it. The bird was missing its wings.

The dog was too curious so I moved him along, and when I came back to consider putting the bird out of its misery, it was not there.

This week I also went to a secluded corner of our back yard to turn the compost. And gathered, all around the composter, was a collection of wings. A couple pigeons, and even a butterfly. All artfully arranged. Someone, and I think I know who, is a collector.

I hope the little bird is in a better place.


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