Sunday, June 25, 2006

On Fences, Beds, and Good Neighbors

Well, we finally replaced that icky rotten fence behind my mulch experiment from last year. You know what they say about fences and good neighbors. So we're trying. I'm sure the guys next door are relieved to be rid of the dog-sized hole that used to be between day my husband and the dog came home to find the neighbor's pit bull in the front garden! The pit bull is sweet, but Willie didn't like that very much.

So we found a contractor who did a clean, fast, fair job. He even spared the volunteer sunflowers you can see here. No wonder the neighbors are all vying for his time. And after a little work this weekend, I have fulfilled my own wish of raised beds in the sunniest spot in our yard. Willie chose a supervisory role in the project, except the part where I dumped out some of the city's free compost. He likes dirt.

This summer, we'll try peppers, yellow squash, Chinese eggplant, and loads of nasturtium, which I like in a salad. (It's like having lily pads on your plate!) And don't believe that thing about planting nasturtiums in crappy soil to get more flowers. I planted ours in pure compost and they are blooming like crazy.


Blogger Myfanwy Collins said...

Lovely! I adore raised beds. I can barely have any plants here because of the lack of light and the critters.

Willie is my Darby's twin except for Darby has droopy ears. He's behind me panting right now, just like Willie in this photo.

5:41 PM  
Blogger Anne said...

Myfanwy: a lot of panting going on these days! Hot, and when it's not hot, the thunderstorms make Willie pant in fear...July 4 should be interesting...

9:35 AM  

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