Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Here's to My Talented Friends...Let's Go!

There's no way I'll make all of these events, but I'll try. Spring is busting out.

And National Poetry Month hasn't even started yet!

In chronological order:

March 15: 7PM, KGB Bar. Cheryl B guest hosts Drunken!Careening!Writers, with Josh Kilmer-Purcell and David Bell.

March 15 - April 1: Kathleen Warnock's play "Some Are People," at Emerging Artist Theatre.

March 18: Virginia Vitzthum reads at Brooklyn Rail's "Rantrhapsody", Freddy's Back Room, 6PM, with Gabriel Thompson, Jean Railla, Bill Batson, Doug Cordell, An Xiao, and Sabine Heinlein.

March 23: 7PM, KGB Bar. Carol Novack hosts Mad Hatter's reading featuring Patricia Catto, Ted Pelton, and Steve Tomasula.

March 26th: Mo Pitkins, 7PM. Virginia again, reading with Pagan Kennedy and Lisa Dierbeck, in a Sex, Drugs, and Gender night.

March 29th: Bowery Poetry 8PM. Janice Erlbaum reads at her paperback release party.

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