Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fell In Love With A Garden This Evening

I was taking a research walk in and around Bellevue Hospital today for scenes in my novel, and happened across a treasure, the Bellevue Sobriety Garden. I had no idea it was there! Nested between a parking lot and the FDR freeway, it's an inspiring example of ingenuity, resourcefulness, and eclectic garden design. Meandering paths and raised beds, all made out of seemingly salvaged/recycled architectural bits, marble chunks, broken ceramic tiles and plates, cement pigs (and other fauna), and very healthy, well-loved plants. If you are ever in the area, visiting one of the hospitals or just wandering through, I urge you to check it out. I had no idea it was maintained by patients, which only makes me love it more. More proof that taking care of gardens is a good way to take care of yourself, too.

The garden was recently at risk of being paved over for parking, but efforts of the community saved it, according to their website.

I'm in love with New York, this week anyway.

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