Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Wilbur Heard it Coming

Well, folks, you've seen the news about our very own Brooklyn tornado! I think we should call it a Brooklyn cyclone, but that's just me. Our dog Willie woke us up in extreme consternation at about 4:30 AM, crying and trying to sit on our heads. We didn't get it. We didn't hear any thunderstorm. YET.

The storm bypassed our neighborhood, save some minor flooding, so I walked the dog and went to work, like a normal day. But my train wasn't running. So I took a bus to another train. Then another. No go. Overheard people talking about a tornado, but didn't think much of it until I got home, and saw the mess on TV. Our mayor reminded us that people in the Midwest deal with this all the time, with much more damage and injuries. We were lucky.

Except for the fact that we rely on mass transit. I telecommuted, and had a surprisingly productive workday, with one traumatized doggy at my feet. So I don't have any exciting NY stories to tell. I feel for the people dealing with their auto and homeowners insurance now.



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