Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Virtual Summer Conference: Sellers on the Nonexistent Top Ten Tips

Given recent events, it's hard to just resume activities.  But I am doing it.

Back to the Virtual Summer Conference.  Here's a podcast I have listened to often, Heather Sellers giving a talk called, "10 Tips for Finishing Your Book." She confesses early on, "there are no top ten tips," and, "when you're at a conference, it's really easy to turn into a child," with respect to the plethora of advice one receives at these events. "Remember, you already know every single thing you need to know--you just need to do it," Sellers says. So the bulk of her talk is about how to find the kind of solitary play that fosters the right mindset for finishing a long project.  She's from the Lynda Barry / Robert Olen Butler school of teaching writing, which I always find gets things moving for me.

(It's iTunes U. You can stream or download. Track #4.)

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