Thursday, March 08, 2007

And Speaking of Snobbery (Mine Too)

Via Ed Champion again, Jennifer Weiner responds to those who claim genre fiction is inferior:

Doesn’t it mean that the Apocalypse is coming if their gaze wavers for even an instant from the MFA-holding, quarterly-publishing, Park-Slope-dwelling literary wonders of the moment to discuss the books that the “less-educated basic readers” actually read, discuss and enjoy?

I love the way Weiner champions genre fiction, not just on her blog, but in the press, and consistently. Her argument: people who declaim chick lit are just misogynists in drag. She makes me want to like chick lit, on principle. I wanna be of the people, maybe. Today, anyway.

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Blogger Mary Akers said...

Love this, Anne. It's so true...there should be no room for snobbery in the literary world.

11:15 AM  

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